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When you are selling a car there are a tremendous amount of variables to take into account which can greatly enhance or reduce the value of your vehicle. Apart from the obvious parts which are Mileage, Condition (both mechanically and cosmetically ) there are other factors which can determine an accurate guide to a value.

For instance if you owned a Bentley Continental GT that was finished in Black with Cream leather and your friend owned exactly the same car but his or hers was finished in Cyprus green with green interior the value of the Black Bentley could be worth as much as £5000 + more than the Green one so getting a acurate car valuation is essential.

Free Car Valuation, Expert Advice and Car Selling TipsObviously that is an extreme example but such anomalies affect even the humble Ford Fiesta but may be to not such a great level but could still be in the hundreds. Other factors to take into account could be geographical location, Mileage, number of owners and any service history available.

Need a Free Car Valuation ?

One thing is for certain there is no standard price or value for any one given motor car or van – dealers will “ see “ the same cars at vastly different prices. You only have to visit a car auction and observe the dealers bidding against each other. Some will withdraw from the bidding only to see the car go on and make hundreds sometimes even over a thousand pound more and they have not got the benefit of a free car valuation they just work on experience and instinct and the trade book guide which can be really misleading.

There are also many different ways of disposing of your car from selling privately to part exchanging your vehicle. If you are reading this you are probably one of the growing number of people who are thinking of disposing of their car online.

Car Buying Websites

If you google “Sell my car” you will unearth quite a few sites offering to purchase your car from you “at the best possible price “ some will give you a instant online valuation. Others will try to get you to tell them what you are hoping to get for your car. Some will offer you a price and when they realise you live 100 miles away just never turn up , it can be a real problem and so time consuming when you just keep putting your car into different websites .

Why are we different ?

We will look at your cars details and then contact you to with a free car valuation, as mentioned above their are many aspects that may enhance or detract from your cars value , If you are genuinely wanting to sell your car fill in the brief details and we will contact you and value your car accurately , no obligation just valuable free advice.

Will you make me an offer for my car ?

No but if you are serious about selling your car we can contact our network of professional car buyers and give them the details of your car and see if we can get you a firm offer, We will assess your car and match your details with the best buyers available for your particular car, We have buyers for all makes and models ensuring the best possible cash price, We recomend you do not accept an automated online offer as these are usually on the low side and in most cases our buyers will easily beat the online offers .

Free Car Valuations

Below is a section on free car valuations available online

The fact is though how accurate can you expect a free car valuation to be ? If you are getting a valuation online the most accurate one will surely be one that you pay for right ?

The free car valuations that are offered by cash for car companies are weighted in their favour giving the seller a medium trade price just hoping that one in every 10 will accept it and sell them their car at a silly amount – and you will be surprised how many do this , those Webuyanycar adverts don’t come cheap you know, someone is paying for them . Also do you know that most of car prices to the trade are supplied by just two or three companies ? so why is there so much difference in the values that you get for your own car ? Well i can reveal a trade secret now and that is that when car dealers buy the Data from CAP they can adjust it percentage wise to suite the market, how can that be i hear you thinking ? well a car has a CAP Clean , CAP Average and Cap Below average so for a start there are 3 different prices for each car depending on condition also a dealer can set there software to lets say 70% of CAP clean when they know that car would fetch 110% of CAP clean if it was in certain auctions

How to get an accurate Free car valuation ?

Well do some thorough research by comparing what valuations you can get, also compare prices on similar cars from private sellers on Piston Heads and Ebay Etc then finally get a paid for valuation from one of the online sources like CAP , Glasses Guide , My car check Etc ,only by paying for one will you get a up to date valuation you can compare with cars that are for sale , It can cost as little as £2.50 for you to do this and could save you a complete fortune .

Listed below are some online Car Valuation resources


Free Used Car Valuation
We all want the best price for our car. Why not use our free car valuation guide and then get an instant valuation for your own car right now. You can then use this free valuation to help you negotiate the best deal on your car. The free car valuation is powered by, which is the leading tool for valuing cars, so you can be assured of a genuine fair price from the number 1 data source.
You can even print the valuation off and take it to your dealer, where you may be able to negotiate a better price, with the knowledge that you gained.

Used Car Price Guide
Used car valuations are dictated not just by the mileage of the car, but also what optional extras and condition the vehicle is in. We give you three valuations for your car, based on the following:
Private Sale – Price you would expect to pay buying the vehicle privately.
Trade In – Price you would expect to receive when trading this vehicle in.
Auction – Price you would expect to pay at an auction.

Value My Car
Dealers are always searching for quality used cars for stock. To make sure you get the best guide price for your car, always present it in a way that makes the car look as clean and tidy as possible. See our Guide to selling your car for more information on how to present your car for sale. Thank you for using our value my car free car valuation service.
There are other sources of car valuations on the web, most of which charge for a value. But for a genuine, free car valuation try a car valuation now.

Parkers Guide Valuations
Parkers Guide offer a service where you get a non-mileage adjusted valuation based on average mileage for your used car. You can upgrade to a premium service or pay to use an online App.
Glasses Guide Used Car Valuation Service
Glasses Guide is the original car buying service, and is used by most of the car dealer community as a trusted source for used car valuations. Glasses Guide have an online service which is priced at £3.75 per valuation.
AA Car Valuation
The AA Car Valuation is provided free of charge to AA members, and is based on Glass Guide. You simply enter your AA member number and start the process online by choosing your make and model. There is no option to enter your registration number to receive your value.
Autotrader Car Valuations
Autotrader car values cost £3.50 and are provided by CAP. CAP is used by dealers in addition to Glass’s Guide to compare prices on used cars. CAP and Glass Guide values can differ by a considerable amount, and some dealers use one or the other to gauge the price of your car.
Webuyanycar do exactly that. They give you a value for your car online, and you take it to one of their centres to complete the transaction. When you take your car to them, they do a full appraisal, and you may find that your are offered less thant the online price guide. According to press reports, they buy thousands of cars every week, from £50 to £100,000.

Carspotter is a text based car value guide, where you send your registration number by shortcode, and are returned the car value by text. Prices are based on average mileage and cost is up to £4.50.

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How to Sell My Car

Preparing to sell a car

Prepare your vehicle: Make sure the car is fully Valeted. Without doubt it will add value to your sale. If it has not been serviced recently, you can get it done for about £100. Also re-MOT the car if it is due to expire in the next 3 months or less. Finally, a cheap pair of new hub caps are great value for money in making a car look good for sale. Go to a car spares shop and you may spent £90 to 100 to wax/shine up your car externally, and to wash/dry/polish it in the inside. Your tyres will get a good wash too—and this will impress your potential customers. This investment will definitely be worth it—and you can incorporate this expense in your asking price (without telling the customer of course). Also, if there are minor blemishes you could use a Dent Man or a cosmetic repairer who will call at your home or work and do the necessary repairs to bring your car up to scratch . It will only take a minor fault to turn the buyer off.

Put your price slightly higher than what you expect—negotiate to get the deal that’s right for you. If you are not in a hurry to sell the car, and think that you deserve a certain price—wait. Use an independent source to determine the wholesale and retail values of your target vehicle. The most frequently used sources for this are, Glass Guide and Cap Black Book both have online applications where you can pay for a independent Valuation.
Once you have determined your vehicles value what happens next ?  what are your options ?  Well you have a few obviously, You could opt to sell your car privately where you will have the cost of the advert plus unless you are confident in dealing with the general public and having them visit your home it may not be the right choice for you,also if you did agree a deal then there is the payment part to transact where you will have to agree with the buyer a payment that is agreeable to both parties whether it be a bank transfer (the buyer may not do this until he has received the car)  Good old fashioned cash ( as long as you are confident taking large sums from a stranger ) or a bankers Draft ( Always ring the bank or building society to determine authenticity) and never accept a bank draft on a weekend or when the banks are closed or you may exchange your car for a piece of worthless paper

Do not let buyers test drive the car alone.

Be wary of email enquiries from people wishing to send you money without seeing the vehicle.

Watch out for fake bankers drafts.

Do not let the car go without cleared funds.

Car Auction
Selling at a car auction is straightforward. The car goes into a suitable sale (the auctioneers will advise you). If it sells, you receive a cheque for the sale price minus commission and entry fees.
If you don’t set a reserve price and there’s little interest, your car could make very little. If you set the reserve too high, the car may not sell; you’ve wasted time and your entry fee. Even if it does sell for above your reserve (or if you accept a lower ‘provisional’ bid), you’ll only get trade price. As well as these basic guidelines there are few auctions where private seller vehicles ever achieve reserve price ….. why is this ? well basically the trader is a cagey buyer and unless the car has got a ” Direct from Leasing company ” sticker on the windscreen it is unlikely to get the attention of the buyers at auction also be prepared to expect your car if not sold to come back with minor damage on it due to hundreds of people traipsing round it also it is not uncommon for bits of trim or radios etc to go missing , In my opinion a public auction should be the last resort for the private motorist

Part Exchange
Part exchanging your car can be a traumatic experiance to say the least, you want the best price you can get and the dealer wants to give you the least he can get away with, then you have to weigh up what you could get selling your car privately or to a specialist buyer, sometimes a specialist buyer like the ones found at offer the best price and then armed with cash you can batter the dealer into giving you a propper discount on your new car

Specialist Buyers

Specialist car buyers are the first port of call if you are selling a car under 4 years old or under 50,000 miles, Dealers are willing to pay top cash prices for these cars and if your car is loaded with extras dealers will pay more then retail price because they usually have customers waiting for cars with high spec that will pay top dollar just to buy from a franchised dealer , listed below are some places to go to get the best deal


Selling a Car Video

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Car selling Tips

It’s no exaggeration to say that you can add hundreds of pounds to the value of your car or van by taking a few easy steps to prepare it for sale.

We’re not talking about merely running it through a car wash, although that would be better than nothing . A bucket, sponge, bottle of car shampoo and a few hours hard work will be far more effective at removing grime. Then use a good polish and dedicated wheel and tyre cleaning products to add some sparkle, and remember to finish off by cleaning the windscreens and windows inside and out

Be sure that the interior is spotless, too; remove all of your old belongings , empty all the ash trays and door pockets , vacuum the mats, carpets and boot and thoroughly dust the dashboard.Also remove any sign of smoking and dog hairs these are the two most important things to remember , people hate smoke and ash also the smell of dog is very hard to disguise , maybe book in for a professional valet if required

If you’re short of time or just can’t face the mess there are plenty of companies who can do this work for you, from a simple wash and wax to a full valet. Don’t be put off by costs either: £150 spent preparing an average family car will be a good investment, ensuring you maximise its value – and get an easier sale .

When it comes to where to sell you have a few options.


If you’re upgrading then a dealer trade-in is the stress-free solution, although you’ll get the lowest price.

Alternatively, you can advertise your car privately, paying for a spot in your local paper or on First though, try placing a free advert in your local shop window or on

Your third option is to sell through auction but be prepared for huge costs involved and also the time and effort in taking your car to a auction centre , also it could take up to 14 days to get paid .

But is there a right time to buy and sell a car? The old saw is that you should sell your sports car in the spring for the best price and a 4×4 in the autumn.

The figures seem to bear out that the only seasons you want to be considering a new car are the spring and autumnal equinoxes, although this has less to do with the tilt of the Earth’s axis and more to do with the registration plate changes. New registration figures show that more than 16 percent of new cars are registered in March with a slightly lower percentage in September.

That doesn’t tell the whole story, however. Cannier buyers and sellers can often winkle a good deal out of the season by planning their buying and selling around the calendar.

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News on We buy any car !

BCA agree deal to purchase Webuyanycar , it has been reported that British car Auctions have agreed to buy the online buying Websites of Webuyanycar , British car Auctions have been a disposal channel for webuyanycar after they have purchased the vehicles directly from members of the public so the acquisition does seem logical but what impact will this have on people wanting to sell their cars and the future prices they will receive ? usually when a takeover of this kind is made the purchaser tries to increase profits to claw back their significant investment We Buy Any Car have recently opened over 100 satellite centres close to every major town and city also have launched their new system that puts car sellers in touch with local car buyers that will pay more than the automated price given by we buy any car, this can only be good news for the motorist as for a long time we buy any car have been the only nationwide solution for people selling their car in a quick stress free environment. What makes Webuycars different is they also represent every car maker with an independent website for selling a car, these websites are aimed at people who have cars 1 to 5 years old and low mileage, the logic behind this is that the seller gets introduced to a specialist buyer for their car, someone who will pay the very best price for that car without any hassle and giving the seller the comfort they are dealing with franchised dealers throughout the uk who are desperate to buy late low mileage cars but until now have not been able to connect to the sellers . is an example of this new facility putting professional buyers in touch with sellers of that make

Thats what they claim in their expensive TV advertisement , But at what price ?  Their are plenty of other options available if you are prepared to shop round and do a little research , We Buy any car are the pioneers of online car selling and value thousands of cars every week , its quick and simple as long as you are prepared to make an appointment and settle for the automated price you have been given , also read the small print because there can be quite a few administration charges attached to the offer , for example if you require paying the next day they make a charge , even though you have already given up your car

The largest of the internet car buying websites is about to be sold to (BCA) British Car Auctions. The deal which has apparently been signed, is to be finalised soon. This would complete a chain throuout the motor trade as webuyanycar is fixed to buying cars from the public and sending them to auction to sell to the trade.

Webuyanycars profits have fallen since it opened in 2006. The Rochdale based company had a pre tax profit of around £5m in 2010 which fell to £3.4m in 2011. The owners were paid around £7.5m in dividends throughout 2011 which is an increase of £1.5m on the previous year despite profits and sales being down.

The company which is part of the Carcraft group also has around 20 branches throughout the US. Apparently this is not going to be part of the deal to Auction company (BCA).

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Sell my Car

If you have ever asked ‘How do I sell my car’, then We may have  the answer. Selling your car is easier than ever, ensuring you get the best price for your car.


All you need to do is enter your registration number, and our service will find interested buyers. We can give you a no obligation valuation of your car. This means you can easily find the best deal.


We work with buyers from the auto trade who specialise in buying many makes and models of car. This means you are guaranteed to find a great deal when you sell your car .



Selling your car in the past used to be a long and arduous process .


You would have to advertise your car, wait for buyers to come to you and negotiate with them to try and get the best price. You would have to take care of everything, and it could take weeks to complete a sale.


This is no longer the case get a free car valuation for your car and you can sell your car as quickly as it takes you to say ‘sell my car’.


All you need to do is enter the details of your car, and we will contact you with a free no obligation valuation of your car .



At Freee car valuations, we work with specialist buyers to find you the best deal when you want to sell your car. Every car is different , by all means visit places like or  and get a online valuation of your car , when you have done that let us use our trade contacts to get you a much better price , just fill in your brief details and one of our consultants will contact you . We will never pressure you into a sale unlike many other car buying websites , we will talk through your options and make sure we get you the best cash price available for your car .


Whatever make or model your car is, you will be able to find a buyer . Some buyers will buy any car, so you are sure to find a great price when you sell your car.


Get your free car valuation today


Sell my Car

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